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An integrated suite that powers your customer acquisition, retention, referral and intelligence


Generates a stream of referrals from your existing customers. CARRS Suite takes the burden off your shoulder and will automatically ask if they want to refer anyone who might be in need of your services, which results in high quality leads from your most reliable source – your clients.

Your customers help you grow as CARRS Suite engages your customer during visits and once a year, CARRS Suite will invite your customers to refer a friend or family. All they have to do is fill out the contact information and CARRS Suite handle the rest.

CARRS Suite intelligence mechanism only asks for referral when a customer the meet a particular satisfaction threshold. This insight driven by AI identifies loyal enthusiasts and ambassadors within your customers base who are ready to start referring friends and families.

Reactivation and Repeat Business

Reactivation efforts and repeat business can provide a big win for both your business and customers. For your business, reactivating customers helps meet revenue goals and keep your funnel filled improving better outcomes.

For your business to grow, you need to retain a higher level of your customers while acquiring new ones. When customers are inactive, “Out of sight, out of mind comes into play. Don’t write them off as lost by allowing CARRS Suite to trigger a reactivation plan that engages with them at least ones in a year when it matters most.

CARRS Suite runs automatically to reactivate your customers – identifying and prompting them to reconnect with you or take one of your service offers with no staff necessary.

Testimonials and Reviews​

CARRS Suite extends the power of your surveys to capture more customer reviews proactively knowing what your customers think about you. Showcasing outstanding reviews is an excellent way to find prospective customers researching for your service as people trust online reviews.

Getting reviews from your satisfied customers and publicising them online maximises your brand trust, conversion while encouraging online word of mouth. This proactive approach increases the volume and accuracy of reviews captured. Capturing and displaying reviews will supercharge your pages and maximises resources to increase traffic and reach.

Generating new reviews is important though it can be awkward to ask for reviews. CARRS Suite makes it easy for your customers to write reviews which are automatically posted on social media channels and possibly integrated into your website.


Feedback is an essential element of continuous improvement and implementing a real-time patient feedback programme allows you to use the real-time input to identify areas where quality or efficiency can be improved continuously. Feedback tool makes it easy for customers to give feedback when they finish their visit.

The feedback will help you identify areas that are frequently the subject of concerns which allow you to focus on and improve services for your customers by prioritising investments.

Measuring customers experience continuously creates a recipe for success by increasing customer’s trust in your business. It is sending them an important message that you care about what they think and will work towards providing optimal service.

Complaint Reporting

Active reporting of complaints is fundamental to a learning culture as it a tool for identifying mistakes or unsafe practices which encourages a safe culture. Promote a culture of learning by recording, investigating and analysing your complaints.

CARRS Suite will notify you immediately of a complaint once captured before the customer leaves your location. Intervening and addressing the customer disappointment in-house prevents the customer from ranting their dissatisfaction over the web or social media resulting in bad publicity or damage control.

CARRS Capture Toolkits makes it easier than ever to report complaints when it is still fresh in memory. This will increases the number of complaints from your customers in the right direction instead of others. A White House Office of Consumer Affairs reported that “a dissatisfied customer will tell 9-15 people about their experience”.

Prospect Nurturing

CARRS Suite manages the nurturing of your prospect once the response to your offer. It helps you in building relationships with potential customers even if they require marketing over time as they self-educate and build trust with a business.

CARRS monitors prospect engagements and will respond to activity that signifies a ready for a conversation. This alert notifies when you get a warm or hot lead and send you email alerts.

When a referred prospect indicates interest in your services, CARRS automatically nurture them with educational content twice a month to build trust and increase conversion. Doing this helps create an active, ongoing conversation with your name at the top of their minds.


Implementing CARRS Suite provides the platform of engaging with a broader audience of consumers with a regular automated post of your customer reviews on social media to increase your brand recognition.

A positive impression through a humanisation factor of customer reviews on social media channel increases visibility for your business to gains more conversion opportunities and frees you up to focus on running your business. Every sharing of their review by your customers may lead viewers to your business website and increase traffic.

CARRS prompts your customers to share your post of their testimonials on social network. Resharing reviews builds a stronger relationship with your customers and their friends for excellent services.

Dedicated Offer Page

CARRS Suite includes a dedicated landing page showcasing you special offers. The landing page is created to fit with your brand for a seamless experience for your customers and prospects. It is a mobile-friendly landing page for your offers, programs and campaigns with full tracking capability that allows you to measure and drive conversion.


CARRS reports or dashboard focuses on making data interpretation and knowing what is happening in your business easy to understand.

The dashboard allows you the opportunity to view your campaign activity, engagement and results. It helps you analyse and track key metrics that identify the best outcome for growing and improving your business.

Capture Toolkit

CARRS capture toolkit deployed on tablet revolutionise the way to capture information on referral, feedback, friends or family test, net promoter score and complaints. Information captures highlights areas needing improvements, gaps in expectation due to undesired and unintended outcomes following delivery of services, friends and families that the client is referring to the business.

CARRS Capture Toolkits captures what your happy or unhappy customers saying in real-time? The client is asked to participate in a survey at the end of their service or visit. Asking for referrals or feedback at this time achieves a very high response making it easier for the customer to remember details of their experience. Our experience shows that the data received are very accurate and your clients have a good experience while providing feedback.

CARRS Capture Toolkits is driven by deep learning, artificial intelligence and marketing automation technology that adapts and responds to customers input for capturing the authentic and actionable information.