Solution Sheet: Customer Acquisition, Retention and Referral System (CARRS)

CARRS Suite Automotive Firms Solution

Automotive Firms Solution to grow customer base and outlet revenue through referrals from current customers. Increase customers retention, cross sell more services and brand awareness to generate loyalty customers that deliver higher margin.

Learn how CARRS Suite can help your automotive firms to attract and retain more customers.

Generate More Referrals

Your customers have family and friends that own vehicles or plan to own one,let's them your customers too

Increase Brand Awareness

increase search engine visibility including growing social media reach

Capture Customers's Complaints

before it cause any brand damage

Nurture Interested Prospects

to increase acceptance of vehicle or service offers

Effortlessly Reach 5X Your Current Customers Size

Retain More Customers

achieve customer satisfaction that results in loyal customers who become less price sensitive and are far less likely to be attracted to lower-priced competitors.

Get More Testimonials

achieve over a 10-fold increase in the volume of reviews creating a positive impact.

Reactivate Dormant Customers

reactivate dormant customers to keep funnel filled improving better revenue outcomes.

Improve Customer's Experience

the key to enhanced customer satisfaction as practice with higher customer satisfaction have more customers and higher revenue.

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