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Many practices run into the same fundamental problems. Placing adverts in Yellow Pages and other Traditional Directories, Traditional Adverts and Websites, SEO and PPC, Blogs and Social Media.

The good news is with Referral Marketing your existing patients can refer close families and friends to your practice.

88% of businesses agree or strongly agree that referral marketing is effective and Referral marketing is one of the lowest-cost lead generation channels.
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Cost-per-Lead by Channel, according to B2B Marketers
Businesses who run referral campaigns can typically experience up to 30% increase in customer acquisition. But these aren’t just any old new customers. They are the best friends of their best customers.
Study participants rank referral marketing as the most effective means of acquiring new customers, followed by events, email, digital advertising and social media, respectively.
Demand Metric Research Corporation
Referral is extremely efficient and one of the lowest-cost customer generation channels, costing only 5% – 25% of the customer acquisition cost compared to advertising like PPC.
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Do you want to learn how to effectively
make your existing patients refer their family and friends?

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