Why Referrals Works

CARRS Suite – an effective and low-cost marketing strategy and platform

What makes us different?

Our service enables and incentivises your existing customer to encourage their family and friends to use your services and enjoy the same value you provide to them!

It helps Your Business Cut Through The Noise

Every day people are inundated with marketing messages with some completely irrelevant whether that be via a billboard, TV commercial, advertisement, pay-per-click or something else. The fact is clear – we can’t possibly digest everything that we see, making it difficult for your message to cut through the noise of competing services and reach your target audience.

Our strategy is different, instead of adding to the constant stream of advertising, we adopt a different approach by allowing your customers to tell their family and friends about your service. The benefit is the extra personal touch required to break through the noise and reach your target audience is performed by your customers.

It Build's Your Brand Trust

In marketing and customer acquisition, perception is everything. When your customers refer their family and friends, they are telling them that the trust your brand to deliver its service. Individual readily purchases services from business they know and trust. 

In the referral process, your customers create the bridge between your services and their family or friends telling others that they know and trust you because they have a personal experience of your services.

You Get More High-Quality Customers

Attracting high-quality prospects should be the major focus of the marketing process for generating new customers. You need to attract high-quality customers with a strong intent to buy. 

With our strategy, your customers will only refer people who they know needs and are willing to purchase your services. Using this strategy increases your acquisition of more high-quality customers.