One solution to power your customer acquisition, retention, referral and intelligence

Customer Acquisition, Retention and Referral System (CARRS) Suite service and platform enable businesses to attract more clients or patients, create a culture of referrals thereby building an endless chain of referring leads, and use real-time feedback to improve services and increase client retention.


We will generate over MILLION
in pipeline for our clients this year.

The CARRS Suite is a complete and integrated client acquisition, retention, feedback, intelligence and complaint capture platform that helps businesses acquire new customers or retain customers.

Attract new clients who are referred by your current clients. Your clients have family and friends. Let's make them your customers too.

Increase your brand ranking and reach on social media with a regular automated post of clients positive feedbacks.

Customers acquired through referrals are 4X more valuable than other customers.

Existing customers are one of your business best-untapped marketing partner who comes well connected. They can be an effective marketing team for your business.

Understand client experience and a committed to continuing working towards achieving client satisfaction results in loyal clients who become less price sensitive, are far less likely to be attracted to lower-priced competitors and recommend your business to others.

Make an informed decision by knowing where to focus first through acquiring the voice of the customer by measure the touch points with accuracy and efficiency.

The process of continuously collecting feedback sends an important message that "We care what you think and will work towards providing optimal service for you.

Customers acquired through referrals are 4X more valuable than other customers.

Power your customers’ acquisition and intelligence with our suite of apps and tools


Proactively ask your client to refer their friends or families.


By actively listening to experiences and collecting feedback right after delivering services gives you the opportunity to improve.

Dedicated Offer Page

A dedicated landing page that showcases your special offers to increase conversion for your customers, their friends and families.

Reactivation/Repeat Business

Find repeat business through your existing client base.

Prospect Nurturing

Nurture prospect with a proven way to increase client acceptance of service offers.

Capture Toolkit

A quick and responsive device for capturing feedback, referral generation and complaint.

Testimonials & Reviews

Proactively capture and share customers testimonials to maximise brand trust, organic brand ranking and conversion.


Automate the posting of testimonials to your website and social media channels.

Complaint Reporting

Incident capture and reporting create a culture of continuous improvement and enhance ways of addressing issues more efficiently.

We will help you succeed.

Empowering your customers to become your best performing customer acquisition channel

Our customer referral strategies enable your customers to advocate your brand more frequently, deliver effective referrals and spend more on your services.

Our tailor-built functionality makes it possible to implement a referral marketing channel for your customers to share your brand/services with their family and friends. 

We don’t just deliver a service and platform, our success team will work with you throughout the process.  Together we develop campaigns and solutions that not only deliver ROI but fully meet the needs of your business to maximise the impact of your referral campaigns.