File Sharing and Folders Collaboration Platform

An essential productivity tool for your Team to Store, Share and Work in sync.


Online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

Improve collaboration within your organisation to unlock productivity gains through easy, flexible and secure sharing of files and folders. It helps your organisations bring people together to work towards a common goal making it efficient to control who has access to which information. The platform enables organisations to safely store files and make them available to the relevant employees creating a single point of access for all file storage that makes it easy to find information, manage permissions and trace usage.

Share and collaborate on documents

Send and receive email

Manage your calendar

Video chats

Find, edit and share documents whether in the office, at home or on the go.


Cloud storage that puts you in control

Work together with your colleagues or partners via a simple, central interface. Create documents, files and folders, and keep them private or share them. With advanced rights management, you’ll always have control over who can access what.  Whether you’re working with your team or externals, all changes and comments are automatically synchronised. Previous file versions are always available if you need them. 


Communicate and collaborate

Improve your teamwork with highly secure collaboration and project management tools. Hold video conferences in your own cloud with the Talk app. All conversations and content are protected from third-party access in secure data centres. Groupware includes a team calendar, address books, webmail and a Kanban board. All data is always synced for all users on all integrated devices. Access anywhere, anytime, in the office, at home or on the go.


Key features

Keep your team to date with your colleagues’ progress. See who did what in which file or folder.


All files are automatically synchronised. So all your colleagues have the latest versions on every device.

Share files securely via password protected links. You decide who can do what in your cloud.

Discuss within the document you’re working on, and use the comments feature to easily resolve questions.

Coordinate team projects more easily with Workspaces. Share information, manage tasks and swap ideas.

Chat with one person privately or create rooms for group discussions. All conversations are securely stored in the cloud.

Connect your existing email addresses via IMAP. Easily manage multiple accounts and add itineraries to your calendar.

Organise your day by creating new appointments or adding external calendar resources via WebCal. Share and schedule meetings.

Keep your contacts up to date across all devices. Share your address book with your team.

Create individual or shared Kanban-style boards, create tasks and set deadlines for colleagues.

Carry out surveys securely in your own cloud. Choose between check boxes and drop down menus according to your needs.

Create and manage individual or team tasks with start and end dates. Easily sync up with a local client like Thunderbird or iCal via CalDAV.

Visualise structures and processes with mind maps created on the platform. Share with others as needed.

Collect, organise and share your bookmarks all in one place.