Learning Management System

A Learning Management System used by schools and organisations to manage, deliver and measure online training. 


Learning Management System for Schools

Learning Management System is invaluable for schools when it comes to structuring and sharing your course materials with learners, and also in monitoring and assessing progress.

The Sharing learning materials such as resource toolkit, files and links to websites allows educators to share with learners easily pages of learning content – combining text, images and embedded video within a course.  It makes managing access easy as you can group students into year or class groups to automatically provide access to the appropriate learning materials.

It automated assessment and simplifies the workload in managing work submissions.  Learners can submit work and receive feedback and grades from the teacher. It eliminates the need for tracking sheets in Excel! as each learner’s scores from any graded activities are stored securely. Snapshot reports can be viewed at any time to see how each learner is progressing through the course materials. 

Build & manage courses

Manage assessments

Track learner progress

User-friendly offline learning

Multi-device compatibility including mobile app


Learning Management System for Organisations

Our learning management system will enable your organisation to deliver compliance and competency training, continued professional development and onboarding programmes. You can use the platform to create the perfect courses and training for your organisational needs such as streamline onboarding, upskill your workforce, manage compliance and reduce Learning and Development overheads.  



Fully Managed Learning Management Services with endless possibilities

With our fully managed solution, you can concentrate on what you do best – learning and development, while we handle the technology. From the initial designs, through to the platform configuration and launch, we’ll create a bespoke system which meets your precise needs. Post-launch, we’ll monitor performance, track learner activity, apply any upgrades needed, provide support and liaise with you on a regular basis.