Marketing Solution Platform

Enabling marketers to deliver targeted messages, programmatically and automate distribution have changed the marketing landscape dramatically.


Comprehensive Protection of Email System

Marketing Solution Platform can helps your businesses automate repetitive tasks such as lead generation, contact scoring, contact segmentation, marketing campaigns and more.

The platform enables businesses to integrate and personalise all their digital channels into a seamless customer experience. The suite of available tools allows you to deliver high performing campaigns and content.

The idea of marketing automation is not new. Our Marketing Solution Platform which modern approach saves time and improves the efficiency for a wide range of marketing tasks across multiple channels.

Email Marketing

Contact Segmentation

Enables custom rules

Lead Management

Landing Pages

  • Email Marketing
    You can use a variety of email templates or create your own with its email builder feature.
  • Dynamic Content
    You can analyse the real-time engagement data that helps you create relevant content for your emails and landing pages.
  • Contact Segmentation
    It allows you to create your own segments that hold customer data.
  • Lead Management
    The software allows you to generate and develop leads using forms, emails and reports.
  • Multi-channel Campaigns
    The campaign builder lets you create campaigns with different content to target specific customers.
  • Landing Pages
    It allows you to create landing pages that have the ability to drive action. The drag and drop functionality enables you to design a landing page with ease.
  • Contact Activity Tracking
    It provides you with the interests of your contacts – meaning you can target them accordingly.


  • Useful Analytics
    It offers a precise analytics and reporting functionality which is vital to track the success of your campaigns. It allows you to display targeted content on your website based on a customer’s behaviour.
  • Ease of Use
    The platform is flexible and versatile allowing you to create email templates with no hassle. The Drag and Drop functionality makes it easy for your team to edit and create a campaign.
  • Saves Time
    It automates marketing tasks you need to perform regularly. This includes sending emails, segmenting customers, generating and developing leads – helping your team to focus on the key priorities.
  • Helps Customer Retention
    The platform helps you build and maintain relations with your customers. This is achieved by providing tools that create a personalised customer experience.
  • Increase sales
    The long-term benefit of the platform is that it helps increase your sales. Features such as A/B Testing allows you to compare which content version drives more actions and converts better. Another feature is customer segmentation that helps you create campaigns targeted at a specific audience.