Real-Time Conversion Solution

Team collaboration and conversation solution your organisations can fully trust.


Communications hub platform.

This is a communications platform you can fully control and trust to enable your team collaborate with real-time chat, audio, file sharing and video chat

The platform helps you prioritises collaboration over platform choices to easily connect with anyone in your company and start collaborating more efficiently.

Real-time chat

Realtime-audio collaboration

Real-time video calls

Live Chat with customers

Connect across other platforms


Close the gap between you and your customers

Talk to visitors and customers in one place, regardless of how they connect with you.  This solution provides a one team inbox for all client communication that support customers on their favourite channels.  It boosts efficiency with omnichannel help desk solutions.  This real-time conversation platform enables you to scale customer service while being customer-centric.


Conversation Functionalities

Use one-on-one messaging to communicate privately or group messaging to connect with teams.

Use private channels to collaborate with your team and public channels for company-wide communications
Use discussions for short-term projects and questions that need quick attention.
Leverage video conferencing integrations to share information more efficiently, so that work gets done faster.
Share files, documents, photos, and videos from your computer, device, or cloud storage.