Team Collaboration Platform

Bring your team and processes together with a secure collaboration platform.


Keep Your Team aligned. All the time. 

A single platform for your organisation to collaborate across their tools and teams. 

Unified solution with a shared set of services and structured around channel-based communications, checklist-based process automation, and card-based task and project management.  Empower your staff to communicate and collaborate any time, anywhere.

Single point of collaboration

Complete control of your data

Flexible automation and playbooks

Powerful workflows

Secure collaboration


Boosting team’s productivity everywhere

Keep your people connected and productive by eliminating communication silos and let your teams collaborate freely. Share within persistent channels and 1:1 group messaging, meeting, and file sharing works seamlessly across web, desktop, and mobile so you can stay connected, wherever you are.

Orchestrate your processes to move faster and make fewer mistakes with checklists, automation, and tool integrations that power your team’s workflows. Equip your team with playbooks with built-in task checklists alongside real-time messaging so everyone knows what’s happening now and what to do next. Streamline tasks with triggers, actions and improve with every iteration.

Plan your projects to hit every milestone every time, with a project and task management solution built for your operations.  Align on the work that matters
From planning to tracking personal tasks, keep every project organised with Kanban-style boards that integrate tightly with channel-based collaboration and process playbooks. Enable full visibility and transparency with a project management tool that’s tightly integrated with channel-based collaboration and get visibility into milestones and task ownership across teams and projects with flexibility.